Bi-Rite’s Pumpkin Ice Cream

I Love Pumpkins | December 6, 2008

You’ll recall that we ran into Bi-Rite’s Pumpkin Ice Cream Cake at a birthday party last month.
Now we’ve got a pure, unadulterated, acapella photo of Bi-Rite’s Pumpkin Ice Cream. Thank you Citizen Blogger + Master Pumpkin Pie Taster Steve W. for sending this in! In his own words, Steve called it ”tasty.”
If you’re looking for more Pumpkin Ice Cream reviews, use the search bar [...]

Gas Station Coffee

I Love Pumpkins | December 4, 2008

Chevron gas stations are serving machine-made Pumpkin Spice Lattes. I applaud them for the effort; it’s a brilliant idea. However, the execution is terrible.
Smells like… nothing. Tastes like… weak, watered-down coffee with stale cinnamon.
This Chevron was a few blocks away from San Francisco’s Superior Court, where I went to contest a red-light infraction. You’d be happier with their coffee. Their coffee [...]

Peet’s Coffee: Spiced Pumpkin Latte

I Love Pumpkins | December 2, 2008

Now here’s a Pumpkin Latte you can believe in! Amazingly smooth and mellow pumpkin taste.
It’s not too sweet, not too sugary, and… once you’re past the foam, you discover that it’s not artificially colored either. Remember that orangey color you found in Starbucks’ Pumpkin Latte? You won’t find it here and you probably won’t miss [...]

Pumpkin Bread & Muffin Mix from Trader Joe’s

I Love Pumpkins | December 1, 2008

Tonight Trader Joe’s sampled their Pumpkin Bread Mix baked into a Mini Pumpkin Muffin format. Wow! If I weren’t still trying to work off that second helping of stuffing from last week (second? third?) this bread mix would have landed straight into my shopping cart.
Soothing, welcoming and homey, just the smell of this muffin made [...]

What happens to a dream deferred?

I Love Pumpkins | November 30, 2008

Back on the East Coast last week, I was able to find Coffeemate’s fantastic Pumpkin Spice creamer, which just isn’t available anywhere in the Bay Area this year! Wishes fulfilled.
Remember the article about Pumpkinzing Your Coffee? Coffeemate won hands-down versus International Delight. If you can find Coffeemate’s Pumpkin Pie Spice creamer where you live, you may [...]

Slimy - Not Kozy - Pumpkin Pudding

I Love Pumpkins | November 29, 2008

This pudding is getting kozy with my trash can. The texture of Kozy Shack’s Pumpkin Pudding is so soft and full, goopy and disgusting, you really must avoid it! Does anyone eat pudding anymore anyway?
But it gets worse: Kozy Shack encourages us to pour it into a pie shell and call it a pumpkin pie. Can you imagine a wide expanse [...]

Clif Bar’s Spiced Pumpkin Pie

I Love Pumpkins | November 28, 2008

Moist and chewy, chewy, chewy. Oats oats oats oast oats. Cinnamon smell. ~One almond and ~one raisin in each bar. Dubious icing is not delicious, but is forgiveable. Excellent ingredients including psyllium and flax for fiber and crunch, and of course, pumpkin flakes. Fun, satisfying pumpkin choice for Clif Bar fans.
Did you know you can buy Clif [...]

Don’t Talk Table Talk

I Love Pumpkins | November 27, 2008

I love the exciting contrast between East Coast and West Coast grocery stores. But even with my major propensity towards forgiveness, I find disappointing pumpkin pies and desserts here in the greater Washington DC metro area, which is where I’m stationed for Thanksgiving.
Table Talk’s Pumpkin Pie was the biggest flop. I should never have even tried it… but frozen pumpkin pies surprised me, [...]

Is It Crazy Out There?

I Love Pumpkins | November 26, 2008

It’s the eve of Thanksgiving.
Urbanites are out drinking and being rogue.
Family types are home asleep or…  pretending to be asleep.
Family party people are drinking with their families pretending to be wine and whisky connoisseurs.
A few major grocery stores experienced a mad rush tonight - like David’s Whole Foods on California Street in Pacific Heights - but others like Giant in Rockville Maryland were well-managed, with [...]

Frozen Pumpkin Pies: Surprisingly Good!

I Love Pumpkins | November 25, 2008

Why bake a frozen pie? It sounds like some bizarre form of cheating. You’re not baking your own pie… but you’re not “just buying one” either. So, what the heck are you really doing? What’s the point? Is this some weird limbo, the twilight zone of pumpkin pies?
Well my friends! Despite our initial skepticism, my tasting panelists [...]

Official Guide to Pumpkin Pie is Live!

I Love Pumpkins | November 24, 2008

The Official Guide to Pumpkin Pie is now live! Let us help you get ready for Thanksgiving.
Is your Make-vs.-Buy decision leading you to buy? Outsourcing can improve performance, deliver savings, and allow you to focus your time on your core activities. So check out my Official Guide to Pumpkin Pie and spend Thanksgiving morning enjoying a yoga class or running that [...]

Golden Temple Pumpkin Spice Granola

I Love Pumpkins | November 23, 2008

Tastes like… granola. It’s good, but despite the Pumpkin Spice name, it’s just plain granola. There’s nothing very pumpkin about it. There’s also a few pokey little raisins hanging out in here. Why not cranberries, bro? Well, according to the ingredients list, it does contain pumpkin flakes. You can’t taste them, but at least you’ll get a little extra [...]

This Is Your Moment!

I Love Pumpkins | November 22, 2008

Pumpkins are the hallmark of Thanksgiving cuisine, and with the big day right around the corner, they’re the centerpiece of every grocery store. Instead of being relegated to some mysterious aisle, canned pumpkin gets its own display, and abundant variations on pumpkin desserts are scattered about! What will you eat for dessert on Thanksgiving Day?
It’s [...]

Pumpkin Spice Cream Cheese: Impractically Delicious

I Love Pumpkins | November 21, 2008

Lucerne’s Pumpkin Spice Cream Cheese is impractically delicious! It’s rich with pumpkin flavor and gorgeous in color, speckled with spice. It’s sooo good that you’ll want to spread the entire container on your bagel – or whatever vehicle you use for enjoying cream cheese. But spreading the entire container on a bagel, wrap or piece [...]

I Love Pumpkins Author DISAPPEARS

I Love Pumpkins | November 19, 2008

The author was last seen drinking Smashed Pumpkin Martinis at Lion Pub in San Francisco. Analysis of the photographs shows that these were taken at the Lion Pub using a Blackberry 8330 spy camera.
A number of intriguing features indicate to forensic experts that the missing author may have consumed up to three Pumpkin Martinis before disappearing.

We operate [...]

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