I Love Pumpkins

Yes… I Love Pumpkins! I hope you love pumpkins too.

Does your heart light up when you see a pumpkin? Does your pulse quicken when you see pumpkin foods? Do you love pumpkins?


My goal in creating this website was to share my love of pumpkins with you, and to provide like-minded individuals with a format – International Pumpkin Day© – for sharing the joy of pumpkins.

I created the first International Pumpkin Day four years ago. It took place on September 25, 2004 when a group of pumpkin lovers from around the world – Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Milan – celebrated the first-ever Pumpkin Day by eating only pumpkin foods. The day was not without its challenges, especially for the Milan celebrants, but we supported each other throughout the day by emailing updates and encouragement. The Los Angeles pumpkin clan ended International Pumpkin Day by enjoying pumpkin martinis at a bar called Lola.  

Everyone loved International Pumpkin Day, and we’ve been celebrating it ever since. Now we’re throwing the doors open to the entire world to join us!

Make love grow like a pumpkin.
Care for the land you walk on.
Celebrate International Pumpkin Day.
Light up the world with your smile.

Cucurbita Tecum©!

As the site develops over time, I plan to add new functionality and new tools to help you enjoy pumpkins, and find pumpkin-related products and foods. I’ll also be featuring guest writers. If you would like to write a review or an article, please contact me

Also feel free to send me your feedback about my beta website! I look forward to hearing from you.

2 Responses to “I Love Pumpkins”

  1. I am so glad that there is now a site that recognizes the worldwide human love for pumpkins. I had always thought that I was alone in my passion. My wife Juanita and I often sit on our porch and gaze at the growing splendor of our pumpkin patch. We have tried often to have children but Jesus has seen it fit to not bless us. Instead he has given us a bountiful harvest of pumpkins. Now that Juanita is in a wheelchair and unable to fulfill her marital duties, I on occasion will look at our pumpkins with carnal lust. I know that this is a sin that Jesus frowns upon, but it was His will to tempt me with such tender orange victuals. Surely He knows the sweet embrace of a squash could overwhelm even the stoutest men. With great shame I must admit that I revel in my poor, dear Juanita’s inability to mount the staircase to my study. I could not live if she ever gaze upon me performing unnatural acts upon one of our sweet pumpkins. Even now I know she suspects me. Always hovering at the base of the staircase saying Carlos! Why have you taken a pumpkin to your study? To which I cannot reply truthfully. Even during the act of gourd coitus Juanita hounds me from below. Oh Carlos, how could you. Carlos, but it is our pumpkin. When she is finally asleep I am able to dispose of the perforated hull in shame. I love pumpkins. I love them with all my heart and every fiber of my being. Who can fault a man for acting on that love? But then I see the befouled and defiled remains of my acts before me. The realization sets in that my lustful sin has destroyed one of G-d’s beautiful and perfect creations. An innocent pumpkin sacrificed at the alter of my sin. It is at these times, when I am sobbing myself to sleep, that Jesus speaks to me and tells me that all is forgiven and that there is an endless field of sweet delicate pumpkins in heaven and that while rare, intimate knowledge of a pumpkin is not looked down upon and even celebrated. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for building this wonderful site. I am printing a copy of you web log as I type this. My dear Juanita does not know of the Inter-net since it is only available within my study. I have printed her selected articles and editorials to slowly acclimate her to the information superhighway. I believe that this web site will help her understand my condition and accept that it is Jesus’ way. G-d bless you You have changed my life.

  2. I’ve seen mountains. I’ve seen sunsets. I’ve seen babies being born. But, none of those were as beautiful as this blog!

    I thought I was a pumpkin fan with a deep and broad passion for the orange wonders. That was, until I read this blog! This blog taught this old dog a new fact or two about the autumnal delight known as pumpkins.

    Not only is the content interesting - and from what I can tell, extremely unique - but the author crafts the blog as if you were sitting at the park and enjoying a pumpkin pie with a side of pumpkin ale while reminiscing with an old friend.

    Total comps to the author!

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